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Improving your Home Security


How is your home security? If you haven’t paid attention to ways you can protect your property for a while here’s an update on the most effective ways to keep intruders or would be intruders away.

Some properties are more easily targeted than others when it comes to burglaries and theft, but there are a number of measures you can take to make your place unattractive to intruders.

For example a simple sign with “CCTV cameras operating” will definitely be a turn off.

We love our space and privacy here on the Coast, but sometimes those factors can make our property vulnerable to others intent on stealing items for resale.

Targeted properties are often secluded, have long driveways, trees and vegetation around them or are in quiet areas, and of course may not be well lit. 

Here’s our checklist of ways you can improve security on your property and discourage unwanted visitors:

Sensor lights – install these around your home, at the driveway entry and along the driveway.

Leave the lights on – yes, leave some lights on when you’re out. We also recommend remote control lights you can turn on from an app on your phone when you’re out.  

Security cameras – definitely a deterrent and you’ll have a video of any intruder should something go wrong. Make sure these cameras are visible.

Security sign – have a “security cameras operating” sign displayed prominently near your house and sheds.

Security alarm –get one installed and remember to set it when you’re out. Test your alarm if you haven’t used it in a while.

Lock up – of course remember to lock up the property and cars when you’re out or on another part of the property away from the house.

Community watch – keep aware of what’s happening in your area. Criminals often target the same area repeatedly. Join the local Facebook group or Neighbourly where people post details of break ins. Talk with your neighbours about keeping an eye out for each other. Always report burglaries and thefts to police as they do track patterns in areas.

Serial numbers on precious items – Police have a serial number log you can use to store serial numbers. It’s called SNAP, see here  (Serial Number Action Partnership)   

If you do become the target of a burglary let others know by posting what’s happened on local social media. You never know, someone else may have seen something, have footage or be able to help.  Report it to police and look out for any of your stolen items for sale online.

Follow these simple steps and you can sit back and relax while you’re away these Christmas holidays.   

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