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Electrical compliance and safety certificates


We often get asked by clients “Do I need a Certificate of Compliance for this electrical work?”.

There are different answers to that question. In short, it depends on the work that you’re getting done.

A Certificate of Compliance (COC) is basically the sign-off and guarantee that the job has been completed to the required NZ safety standards.

It confirms the work has been done by a licensed electrician, has been tested and meets all safety standards and codes. 

Ask your electrician if the work you’re getting done requires a COC. There is a cost for the certificate and that should be shown in a quote and on an invoice.

It is very important to get your COC when the work is completed, preferably within 30 days of completion.

You may need to produce your COC for an insurance claim in future in future, or if you are selling your home a real estate agent or prospective buyer may ask to see it.

Keep your COC in a safe place. Even better, photograph it or scan it and save to your PC with other important home documents so that you can always find it.

A COC is not necessary for electrical work on switches, sockets, fuse boxes and new or altered wiring circuits.  In those cases an Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) is sufficient – note all COC’s are accompanied by an ESC.

Your electrician can advise what certification is needed for the work you are having done.

There is also a legal requirement for some electrical work to be inspected by a licensed electrical inspector before it can be signed off. This includes work on the main switchboard, main cable and earth main.

Your electrician will arrange for this inspection. Keep the inspection report with any electrical certificates for the work on your property.

See more information on electrical certificates, inspections and safety requirements at WorkSafe.

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