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Energy saving tips


We love sorting your electrical and solar requirements and we also want you to get the most out of your power usage so we’ve pulled together this list of energy saving tips. 


Use energy saving LED lighting in your home. These are the most energy efficient lighting option available. LEDs use less energy and are safer than halogens and older style lights. LEDs come in a range of suitable lights for different spaces and also warm to cool lighting tones.

Go solar

As solar power installation specialists we of course recommend installing some solar panels to harness the sun’s natural energy, reduce power usage and your carbon footprint. Solar systems are becoming more affordable with major advances in technology and the banks offering interest free loans for home solar installation. Contact us for the best options for you.

Lights off and dimmers

Use natural daylight when you can and make turning lights off when not needed part of the household routine. LEDs also have dimmers and you’ll use less energy by utilising these, particularly in the evenings when using subtle lighting can help with the wind down to a good sleep. 

Computers and devices

With the many personal computers and devices in a home these days, there are energy savings to be made there. Turn off computers when not in use and overnight so they’re not continuing to draw power. Take smart devices off charge once fully charged. And of course turn the traditional TV off if no one’s watching it!

Kitchen power saving hacks

A microwave uses a lot less energy than an oven. Consider using the microwave instead, and when using the oven think about cooking a second meal in it to get the most out of the power being used. Limit the number of times you open an oven door. Cool food completely before putting in the fridge or freezer. Check fridge and freezer seals. If they are loose or damaged appliance companies can supply new ones. 

In the laundry

Cold wash as often as you can. Instead of using a clothes dryer dry clothing outside, on a drying rack or on some string lines in your garage or a sheltered space. If you’re drying your clothes inside, ensure there is some airflow. If using a dryer clear the filters regularly.

The bathroom

Have set time limits for showers (this can significantly reduce your power bill over time) and use the bath as sparingly as your household can allow. Have an electrician check your hot water  temperature and adjust the thermostat if necessary. The temperature shouldn’t be higher than 60⁰C.  Consider using a low flow shower head to reduce the amount of hot water you are using.

Around the home

Check the seals on your windows and doors. Good seals prevent heat escaping. You can find sealing products at your DIY store. Consider putting timers on heated towel rails and heaters so you can turn them on and off at set times. Your electrician can install these. To retain the heat in your home consider ceiling insulation and look at double-glazing windows for high-use rooms.

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