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Changing from halogens to LEDs


The advancing technology of LEDs means there is a now a wide range of colour and style options available in energy saving lighting.

You’ll know when it’s time to change over your halogen down lights to LEDs because they’ll start flickering regularly and you’ll be replacing them more often.

LEDs offer great energy saving, improved safety and can be insulated. Each LED fitting draws around 10 watts of energy compared to a halogen’s 50 watts. It’s hard to go past that energy saving!

If you aren’t ready to change out your whole home yet, we recommend beginning by choosing one or two rooms – high use areas like the kitchen and lounge are good places to start.

Quality LEDs will give you better colour rendering – which means they will show the colours of the room in a more natural and realistic way.

LEDs come in warm, cool and daylight tones. A cool whiter light is often used in a bathroom, while the warmer tone suits a lounge area. They are also available with dimmers and can even change from white to a muted gold on a dimmer. Talk to us about colours for your space.

One advantage that LEDs provide over halogens is that most types can be covered in insulation material, helping prevent heat loss. Because halogens heat up when in use they can’t be insulated.

Ask your electrician for a recommendation, check the quality of the range and whether it can be insulated before installation.

Types of LEDs

LEDs come in all types including wall fittings, pendants, feature lights, outside lighting and strip LEDs are fully on trend for a range of uses.

Strip LEDs can be effective for accent and night lighting. They work well above and around mirrors in both bedrooms and bathrooms, under bathroom vanities, along walls and are also really effective on stairwells or handrails. 

Strip LEDs are also great for task lighting. For example, when run down the side of a wall in wardrobes and cupboards they provide even lighting throughout so you don’t get the dark spots which occur when using traditional light bulbs.

You will never regret this investment. Talk to us about converting to energy saving attractive LED lighting for your home.   

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