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Outdoor lighting adds beauty and safety


Outdoor lighting not only adds an important safety aspect for your property but adds beauty and ambience and allows you to make the most of spaces you might not usually use.

There is a wide range of outdoor and garden lighting on offer to brighten up your space and make it more welcoming. You can choose from LED floodlights, exterior wall lights and step lights, lanterns, driveway and deck lighting, bollard lights, spotlights and LED strip lighting.

As you can see from the list above, all these types of lights are designed specifically for different purposes which makes it easier to find the right type of lights for a particular space.

Having the right type of outside lighting opens up the possibilities to use your back yard for those late summer barbecues and social occasions.

With a world-wide shift of homeowners tending their properties more and spending more time at home due to Covid-19, we are seeing an upsurge in landscaping and the use of outside lighting to illuminate gardens, deck and barbecue areas and spa pools.

When considering your outdoor lighting think about what areas you would like lit or highlighted. We can advise you on positioning and the placement of the power supply and cabling.

As with indoor lights, there are distinct colour tones and brightness levels to think about for particular areas.

The latest LED strip lights with their beautiful colour range and changing colours are also popular now. Placed around steps, decks, and spa pool areas these bring an extra bit of dazzle to your home.

Safety and security

It is important to have pathways and entrance ways well lit, and have lighting all around your house, even those dark corners at the back that you might not use much. Good lighting is a deterrent to intruders.

We recommend sensor lights at entrance ways, around the sides and back of the house and on the driveway near the house. These will go on and off on movement detection for e.g. If a cat or person walks past the motion sensor.

Another option is to have lights that are set to go on and off with a timer. These can be set to suit the daylight hours of the season.

Wall mounted lights and spotlights are very effective at entrance ways, and there are many styles to suit the geography and look of home entrance ways.

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